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Welcome to the HIPAA Conformance Certification Organization.
HCCO is an organization serving the healthcare IT and vendor community with practical guidelines and services for complying with HIPAA regulations through the use of conformance standards and services. During the original 4010A HIPAA implementation, HCCO was the first orgainization to introduce the concept of interoperability across EDI Venrdors and HIPAA Validation companies through its industry leading Common Conformance Assessment Programs (CCAP). HCCO believes that all cost-effective and successful HIPAA compliance strategies require a common approach to implementation among communities of covered entities, their software vendors, business associates and trading partners. HCCO will continue its mission by offering the healthcare IT industry through collaboration with industry experts,advanced EDI testing methodologies, and both conceptual and proven HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 solutions.   

HCCO knows that healthcare IT departments will be under a tremendous burden both resource and bugdetary having to undergo HIPAA 5010 transactional changes, tackling the major migration to ICD-10, implementing EHR's and all the while focusing on Health Information Exchanges (HIE). The industry does have the advantage of having successfully completed HIPAA 4010A and can certainly use the lessons learned from the original implementation and testing effort to incorporate more advanced strategies for completing the work effort this time around. It is HCCO's intention for assisting where it can by rolling out several strategic programs and initiatives which the healthcare industry can leverage through these challenging times. HCCO believes these solutions will improve the development, testing and migration efforts for all our member companies and the healthcare community at large. One of our first initiatives will be the introduction of our new CCAP 5010 program for HIPAA edits being introduced in January 2010. 

HCCO CCAP 5010 Program
HCCO is pleased to announce that our Common Conformance Assessment Program will be utilized again to assist the healthcare industry in assuring 5010 interoperability and common interpretations across all HIPAA transaction sets. This program will involve the voluntary collaboration of all the major EDI software vendors and HIPAA compliance validators representing both health plan and provider IT solutions. The process will involve the execution and processing of thousands of EDI test files processed concurrently through all participating vendors and ensuring all 5010 edits are identified and interpreted the same way. HCCO's advanced CCAP interoperability testing service will save the healthcare industry millions of dollars implementation costs. 

Key strategic benefits include compliance testing and debugging in a vendor neutral environment, alignment of compliance edits across all vendors promoting interoperable transactions, continuous supply of updated test files for all HIPAA transactions, a large testbed for regression testing, leading business intelligence on compliance issues, X12 implementation resolutions and HCCO Conformance Certification upon completion. For more information on our upcoming CCAP 5010 program or to sign up as a participating vendor, send an email to ccap@hipaaconformance.org.

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HIPAA 5010 Test Files
In the coming months HCCO will be publishing sample HIPAA 5010 test files for use by the healthcare community. These test files will cover various testing scenarios across all HIPAA transaction sets. These files will be free to use and share with your trading partners and we will host additional free test files sent in by our member organizations that wish to add additional testing scenarios for the healthcare IT community as a whole.  For more information on HCCO test files or to send in your sample de-identified test files, please send an email to test_files@hipaaconformance.org.

New Comprehensive HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Implementation Book Coming Soon!
HCCO will be sponsoring a second book publishing as a follow up to its successful HIPAA Program Reference Handbook published in 2004 for the original HIPAA Privacy, Transactions and Security implementations. This new and informative book will cover in-depth analysis and recommendations pertaining to both 5010 and ICD-10 software development, testing and implementation guidlines along with the crucial new ways healthcare needs to address their business model for successful ICD-10 codeset migration. Authors will include Mark Lott, Stanley Nachimson, X-12 authors, etc. More details will follow soon...

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HCCO Audited Solution Providers
In early 2010, HCCO will introduce a new HIPAA 5010/ICD-10 Solution Provider Audit Program which will provide our member organizations and the healthcare industry as a whole, consistent guidelines from which to select qualified HIPAA and ICD-10 resources and solutions. Our comprehensive program will audit consulting companies, solution providers, outsourcing vendors and BPO organizations for advanced HIPAA and ICD knowledge and skill sets within their organizations ensuring all covered entities with confidence that HCCO approved vendors can deliver high quality resources and solutions. There are many vendors offering HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 solutions to the marketplace but which ones should you use to assist your remediation and migration efforts? Choosing the wrong partner could cost you millions in lost project costs and missed deadlines. Choose your vendors wisely and look for their HCCO seal of approval. For more information on HCCO Audited Solution Providers or to request an audit review of your organization's HIPAA and ICD-10 capabilities send an email to audits@hipaaconformance.org.


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HCCO advises IT depts to look for vendors and outsourcing partners with 4010A implementation experience!

Are you a vendor, looking to stay abreast on the latest IT strategies for HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10? Join HCCO and be part of a community that cares!



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